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Training Pack: 'Helping Kids with Wobbly Spelling'

This is a brilliant Powerpoint presentation and Textbook combo,  to help you deliver training events or courses. 

The content and target group are flexible, as the slides can be modified and selected according to your training needs: the material is equally suited to  parents or those working in education.  

The slides are highly visual with quirky illustrations and verbal prompts for  discussion and presenting information as well as practical exercises/tasks.   

Included in the bundle is a coursebook, which you can refer to when preparing your training event or during the training, so as to avoid copious handouts. 

The cost of the bundle is £75. 




Many organisations, listed in our Community and Workshops Pages, have asked us to write content, run courses, illustrate leaflets or develop website content for them. Please contact us, if you would like us to write or illustrate a publication for you.

For our non-fiction publications we use Plain English, and we try to make them as reader-friendly as possible. Here is a sample of our publications or resources:

'Great Ways To Learn Anatomy and Physiology'

Review from Patoss Bulletin by Lynn Greenwold


"This is an excellent, very practical and beautifully produced book, with generous use of colour and illustration. Charmaine set out to create her own 'supportive textbook' using all the strategies she had been teaching to students over the years. And that is exactly what she has accomplished".


"Not only is this an excellent resource for anyone studying anatomy and physiology, it is a model that brings learning strategies alive in an easily accessible and humorous way. Highly recommended".

Online Resources

Here at Wobbly Learning we believe that learning should be effective as well as imaginative, varied and fun. Here we suggest some helpful resources:

  • Dyslexia Assist. Plenty of imaginative tips and support for improving spelling.

  • Quizlet. Free online software for revising spellings using homemade or ready made flash cards.

  • Helping With Math provides a large number of printable resources to help parents practice maths at home with their children.

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