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Wobbly Spelling


What is the Pick & Stick Method?



  1. Pick a topic to write about.
  2. Pick 5 words from writing.
  3. Pick the word apart.
    These 3 steps are explained in detail in the book.



  • Now you need to make each spelling stick. To do this, there are 7 memory strategies to try out, all featured in the book.



  • At the end of each week, check if your learner can write their list of spellings from memory. 
  • If correct, they get a big tick.
  • If not, it's no big deal: just go back to the Pick & Stick stages until the words are rock solid.

Here's how

Helpful hints


All the hints are fully illustrated and explained, for example:

  • Use a variety of multi-sensory strategies to memorise spellings.
  • Practise spelling words at frequent and specific intervals.
  • Learn words and strategies that are meaningful and memorable to you. 

Relax into learning


  • It's important to develop a relaxed and curious attitude to spelling.    Helping Kids With Wobbly Spelling explains a variety of relaxation techniques and calming strategies, to help you prepare for your journey ahead.

Have fun


  • Take your time and make sure your learning sessions are fun and light-hearted. Helping Kids With Wobbly Spelling suggests ways to make spellings stick using humour, games and quirky visual aids.   
  • To get a taster, go to Look Inside from the menu at the top of the page.