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What is Wobbly Learning?


  • Wobbly Learning aims to make learning or getting information  easier.  Our approach  appeals to people who benefit from a creative,  personal and enjoyable  learning experience. We use plain language and strong visual aids.  

    Through publications and training courses, we take a subject and throw out the rule book, starting afresh with a new, fun and simpler way of learning, showing that there is always another route to success.
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Helping Kids With Wobbly Spelling


  • 'Helping Kids With Wobbly Spelling' is the latest Wobbly Learning book from Charmaine McKissock.

    Using the fresh and effective 'Pick & Stick' method, your learner will work at their own pace, picking their own tricky words and memory strategies from a selection.  

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Who are the people involved?


  • Charmaine McKissock has helped  many individuals find ways to learn more easily. She has contributed widely to the understanding of dyslexia and other learning difficulties. An award winning writer and illustrator, Charmaine has produced publications for educational and community projects. She runs workshops to support her ideas.  

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What our readers say



"Helping Kids with Wobbly Spelling is fresh, supportive and fun. At last a smart spelling method that really works for children of all ages and their helpers."

"The Pick & Stick approach doesn't treat the learner as 'the problem'. Instead learner and helper become partners in solving a spelling mystery. This is not a one-size-fits-all method."

"Brilliant for children with dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADD or just plain wobbly spelling."

"I think your Pick and Stick method is brilliant. I know this system, that you have formalised works. It will become a fantastic resource for all sorts of helpers, from Learning Support Assistants, to parents, carers and grandparents. It will also explain the problems of Wobbly Spelling to teachers who often just do not have the knowledge or time to help the weaker spellers. I am just annoyed I did not write it myself!" (Gill - retired Senco)

"Definitely the most effective approach we've come across. Annie has now worked her way through 3 weeks and 15 spellings, and they all appear to be sticking for the first time ever! Previously she might know something for a few days, but not 2 weeks later. We are both really pleased. We have found your relaxation techniques invaluable and an important part of the process. I have noticed that it is helping the regulation of her handwriting . All the sections of Helping Kids With Wobbly Spelling are informative and useful." (Parent of a severely dyslexic child)

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